Heather M. Sharpe
author of paranormal romance
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Purr-Fect Love
​(previously For the Love of a Sphynx)
August 16, 2013​

With time running out, there’s no pussyfooting around…

After her fiancé’s last betrayal, Mahri Lassler decides she’d rather become a crazy cat lady than live with another man. Yet when her sister drags her to the animal shelter to make that dream a reality, Mahri just isn’t ready to commit. Not even to a litter of cuddly kittens. But when an odd black and white tomcat reaches through the bars, it’s almost as if he’s choosing her…

Cursed by a scorned lover for all eternity, Scottish clansman Morgan Felix resigns himself to living eleven months each year as a cat. Now, nearly a millennium later, he’s trapped in a cage at the animal shelter with no hope in sight. He has to escape before the first day of spring, when he’ll change back into his human form and find himself in a very tight squeeze. So when the pixie-like woman stops just outside the cage, he takes the situation into his own paws and reaches out to touch her hand…

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​​​​​​​Finding Flight
April 12, 2013​

Can her gift help her find an everlasting love?

As an Enforcer for a secret society of shape-shifters, Ledger Arneau must play by the rules. But after the Council issues a warrant for the arrest of his brother, he’s given the opportunity to bring him in before the law takes over. When his brother’s trail goes cold, Ledger fears he may not be able to prevent the worst from happening. He’s willing to try anything to pick up his brother’s scent, even if it means bringing in an outsider.

Corinne Winters has always been able to find lost objects—except her own. She’s always dreamed of using her skills to help locate missing people, so after an embarrassing setback with the local police department, she jumps on the opportunity to help Ledger. When they’re together, her talent seems to grow and deepen, and her feelings for Ledger grow along with it. But when Ledger and his brother disappear, Corrinne isn’t about to let them go. Unaware of the circumstances surrounding Ledger’s disappearance, Corinne races across the country on his trail, stretch her talent beyond anything she ever imagined to bring them home. But when she finally finds them, she winds up learning a terrifying secret about Ledger she was never meant to learn…​​

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Double Trouble Anthology: Tanna's Twin

November 06, 2012 Still Moments PUblishing

Fascinated by twins? Try this twin-themed anthology available through Still Moments Publishing November 06, 2012.
Starting over in a new town with a new career as a bartender may not be all Tanna hoped it would be. Then, after one amazing night with the man of her dreams, Tanna learns that he has an identical brother. Will she ever determine which is Tanna's Twin?


​​​​For the Love of a Sphynx
January, 2013 Still Moments Publishing 

Cursed by a scorned lover, Morgan is resigned to living eleven months each year as a cat. Betrayed by her fiancé, Mahri swears never to risk losing her heart again.
Mahri Lassler is convinced she may as well collect cats since she's on the path to spinsterhood. She adopts a tomcat, and just as they're beginning to learn each other's idiosyncrasies, the cat bolts out the door, disappearing without a trace.
Her quest to find the darn cat leads her to a confused, naked man writhing on the street. The hopeless look in his eyes touches something deep inside Mahri, and she volunteers to watch over him, unaware that love is about to bloom and threaten her heart … or that she's found her cat.
Morgan refuses to acknowledge his growing feelings for Mahri, knowing that in a month's time, the curse that inflicts him will force him to leave her. He can't love her the way he wants to love her, not in feline form.
Can Mahri trust her heart enough to risk it on a man with no past? Will her love be enough to break his curse?
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